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The History Of
Bracken Range

Originally part of the Marbach family homestead, the current site of the Bracken Rifle and Pistol Range was once covered by fields of soybeans, potatoes, and sunflowers; livestock; and wild game. The property was purchased from his grandparents in 1960 by W. Paul Vordenbaum, the founder of Bracken Range. An avid hunter, Mr. Vordenbaum spent most of his boyhood summers on the property hunting with his grandfather and uncles

Bracken Schuetzenverein (Shooting Club) - Between 1890 and 1895

Bracken Schuetzenverin (Shooting Club) - 1910. Located on Banks of Cibolo Creek near Luxello. Destroyed by flood waters in 1913

In the 1970's, as local properties began to subdivide, Mr. Vordenbaum sold gravel, sand, and clay to developers, resulting in the pit you see today. The sunken area made the perfect location for sighting-in rifles and honing hunting skills.

In 1986, Bracken Rifle Range opened for business. In keeping with the authenticity of the hunting experience, the range office was housed in a converted trailer, much like the facilities one might encounter at a hunting camp. Originally, a wood-burning stove welcomed hunters on a cold day, often along with a pot of chili or camp coffee. Every detail served to authenticate the hunting camp experience.

Today, to honor their family heritage as hunters and maintain the Texas hunting camp experience, the Vordenbaum family provides a clean, safe, family-friendly range. We thank you for your business.

AUF WEIDERSEHEN and good hunting!


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