Bracken Rifle and Pistol
Recreational Range


Bracken Range

In order to keep our costs as low as possible and therefore keep our prices as low as possible Bracken Range accepts Cash Only and no bills larger than $20 (No $50 or $100 Bills).

The Range DOES NOT accept Checks or Credit Cards.

Bracken Range charges by the gun and by the target. There is no charge for additional shooters. Fees Include Individual Shooting Station with Bench Rests, Spotting Scope/Binocular (if appropriate), Sand Bags, etc.


- Rifle Range-
$5.00 Per Rifle

$6.00 Per Target Frame (Includes 4 Bullseyes)

- Covered Pistol Range-
$5.00 Per Pistol
$6.00 Per Target Frame (Includes 4 Bulleyes)

- Concealed Handgun Practice Range -
$3.00/ Silhouette Target

- Shotgun Range -

- Concealed Handgun Instructor's Range -
$3.00/ Silhouette Target

Bore Sighting

Ear Plugs 2 pair/$1.00

Scope Mount $40.00

Updated 2/9/2023

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